Amplify your outreach, engage Residents and share information with those who need it most.

Rezility gives you access to a network of Residents in need of your services and a platform to share information about your services and opportunities. You can engage with Residents to increase the efficiency of your outreach efforts while streamlining access to services. You can also easily track how residents benefit from your outreach and engagement efforts. Additionally, Rezility is available in several languages, such as Spanish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional). On-the-fly translation makes it a snap to chat with Rezility users that speak another language.

Life is better with Rezility.

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Increase the efficiency of your outreach efforts while streamlining access to services.

Rezility gives you the right data and perspective to best allocate your time and resources to get more done and help more people.

Engage and reach out to a network of Residents searching for assistance

Empower Residents with resources to help improve their lives

Share important information about education, job training, financial counseling and child care

Track Resident benefit from outreach and engagement efforts with our easy-to-use administrative portal

How we do it.

The Rezility Partner Portal provides Service Providers with the ability to plan, create, schedule and push notifications, service offerings and opportunities to Rezility users via the Feed. The Rezility Partner Portal gives Housing Providers the ability to engage directly with Residents if the Residents have verified that they live in the community. Service Providers can engage with users that respond directly to information shared in the feed.

Using the Rezility Partner Portal, Service Providers can engage with Rezility users based on target audience demographics to provide service opportunities to a relevant target audience. They will also be able to poll existing clients to obtain opinions, obtain feedback and gain insights into Residents satisfaction.

I am more efficient and effective with Rezility and my impact has a much greater footprint.

Debbie C., NYC Provider

Who we help.

Rezility helps Service Providers like you amplify your outreach and increase the number of people that benefit from your services and opportunities. We make it easier for you to do your job and further your mission.

You can not only reach more people, but also effectively reach out to Residents regardless of their language. Since the Rezility app supports multiple languages, the Feeds sent from Service Providers will be received in the Residents language of choice. In addition, you can have Conversations with Residents and they will see the conversation in their language.

Meet Tara.

Tara is a high-output program director for a non-profit job placement organization. She wants to do more for her clients.

Unfortunately, Tara has been stretched to her limit, finding herself without enough time, money or resources. Unless something changes, she won’t be able to meet the needs of her clients and will face a high risk of burn out.


We provide people with immediate, relevant, information about services and the good things happening in their neighborhood.


We connect people directly with Service Providers and their neighbors to build stronger communities.


We empower people to find and connect to relevant services where they live and work.

Rezility is your right-hand resource.

Rezility brings access to fun, help and opportunity together to make life easier. In one free app you can find the services, resources, fun events and opportunities to create a better today and tomorrow. Whether you need childcare, financial counseling, new housing or job placement, you can now find it all in one place – and access it anytime from your smartphone.


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