Meet Tara

Rezility is a convenient, free mobile app that helps Tara amplify and increase the efficiency of her outreach to engage and share information and streamline access to services and opportunities.




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Meet Tara.

Tara is a high-output program director for a non-profit job placement organization. She wants to do more for her clients. Unfortunately, Tara has been stretched to her limit, finding herself without enough time, money or resources. Unless something changes, she won’t be able to meet the needs of her clients and will face a high risk of burn out.

Tara Meets Rezility.

Rezility – a free, socially powered app – offers a solution to Tara’s overload of tasks and inefficient processes. With Rezility she can engage with residents to increase the efficiency of her outreach efforts while streamlining access to services.

She can say goodbye to wasted time and energy and focus on empowering residents with resources to help improve their lives. Rezility gives Tara access to a network of residents in need of her services and a platform to share that information about services and opportunities.

With Rezility’s chat feature, Tara can answer questions from community users in real-time. Using the on-the-fly translation feature, she can communicate with clients in multiple languages which gets the word out to more people that need help. She can also use features like community chat groups, where for example she can connect her job-placement clients with child care services near their homes. When a job comes up, she can send it or post it through to any or all the Rezility users in her community – and they can respond back in seconds. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Life is Better with Rezility.

Tara’s use of Rezility allows her to serve more people and extend her network. She shares important information about education, job training, financial counseling, child care and other services. Tara is now much more productive, without sacrificing quality because of the quantity of her work.

She now has the time to invest in her own relationships with her clients. Her previously overwhelming job has been transformed through Rezility and has changed many lives, including her own.

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