Meet Carmen.

Rezility is a free app that helps Carmen to search and find the opportunities she needs to create a better life for her and her son – in the community where she works and lives.




Do better than just get by



Meet Carmen.

Carmen is a hard working single mom who wants to do more than barely cover her bills. She wants a brighter future for her and her son. Without adequate daycare for her son Alejandro or prospects for a better income this feels improbable if not impossible to Carmen.

Carmen Meets Rezility.

Carmen turned to Rezility – a free, socially powered app—where she feels empowered to help herself and find the opportunities she’s seeking. The app allows Carmen to receive information in her Feed and to chat in Spanish, making it even easier for her.

With Rezility’s Around You feature, Carmen finds an affordable pre-K program for her son near her home, which frees up her time to do more of what she needs to do to move towards her goals. In Rezility’s Feed, she finds and signs up for a job training program. Through Your Conversations, Carmen chats with her neighbor about a job opening where he works, and then after a chat with another Reziity user finds a better paying job.

Life is Better with Rezility.

Carmen’s job training and conversations lead to a new job with higher pay, allowing her to save for Alejandro’s future. She also uses the app to find financial counseling, which helps her better manage her finances. Carmen now has more time, money and knowledge to continue creating a bright future for her and her son – and she knows that she can turn to Rezility for whatever she needs next.

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