Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Rezility is a free app that helps people connect the dots in their communities.


Neighbors Jason, Tiana, David, Carmen and Alicia


Neighbors Helping Neighbors



Rezility, a free socially powered app, provides a virtual neighborhood where individuals can meet and greet each other, share information and find great untapped resources in their area. The app is multi-lingual, making it even easier to include everyone. It also helps facilitate new neighbor-to-neighbor connections that lead to stronger communities and trusted relationships.

Meet the Neighbors.

Meet Jason, Tiana, David, Carmen and Alicia. Even though they all live in the same neighborhood, they had never met because they have different schedules and everyone has such busy lives. They also don’t speak the same language, so there is a bit of a language barrier.

The Neighbors meet Rezility.

With Rezility, interacting and communicating with neighbors becomes second nature. After accepting each other’s invitations in the app, Jason, Tiana, David, Carmen and Alicia can chat securely and have fun and support each other as neighbors do, no matter where they are. Plus, since Carmen and Alicia speak Spanish and Jason, Tiana, and David speak English, Rezility’s on-the-fly translation automatically translates between languages, so they can understand each other’s chats.

After an injury, David isn’t able to leave his house to get groceries. He uses the Your Conversations chat feature to message Tiana and ask if she can pick up a few things the next time she’s at the store.

Tiana has been looking for a library nearby that she can take her daughter to. She finds the closest libraries using Around You, and asks Carmen to recommend the one with the best events and programs for young children.

When Alicia needs to borrow a ladder, she knows she can message Jason to borrow his.

Life is Better with Rezility.

Neighbors are using Rezility to engage with each other and with services to build stable, secure futures for themselves and their families. Not only can they use chat to communicate in real-time, but they can also be completely inclusive by using the on-the-fly translation feature to communicate in multiple languages. Connecting through Rezility has brought them together and empowered them to help themselves and support each other, which builds stronger communities.

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