Meet Hannah

Rezility is a convenient, free mobile app that helps Hannah amplify and increase the efficiency of her outreach and connect the dots with residents in the community.




Get more done more efficiently and effectively



Hannah’s Story.

Hannah is a busy property manager for a multi-family apartment complex. Her day is filled with calls, work orders, and posting tenant notices.  Managing different buildings and conflicting schedules, while juggling ever-changing resident contact info makes it almost impossible to stay in touch.

Hannah Meets Rezility.

Rezility helps Hannah connect the dots with residents in the community. With Rezility all this legwork and frustration can be traded in for meaningful engagements with residents.

Hannah can send messages about unit inspections, scheduled maintenance, and rent due reminders right to residents’ phones. This better coordination means that less time is wasted, repairs can be completed more efficiently, and bills are paid on time.

Rather than posting flyers for social services and then hoping that residents will stumble across the information, Hannah can send out notifications and connect directly with individuals.

Life is Better with Rezility.

All this efficiency means that Hannah can focus on the best part of her job: serving residents. Hannah is now much more productive, without sacrificing quality because of the quantity of her work.

She now has the time to invest in relationships with her residents. Her job has been transformed through Rezility and has changed many lives, including her own.

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