Jadon Ramsing, Rezility Client Success Associate  

July 26, 2018


Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of a very special event — Edgewood Commons Community Day. Community Day was an event that brought the residents of Edgewood Commons, a vibrant and engaged mixed-income community in Northeast Washington, DC, together for a day of food, fun, and community.

Some of my favorite memories as a child revolve around neighborhood events. A few times a summer, my family joined the rest of my community and spent a Saturday together. My friends and I spent hours playing in the sun while our parents chatted and grilled delicious food.

The Community Day at Edgewood Commons brought me back to those summer afternoons. It featured good people, good food, and plenty of fun activities.

At one station, I watched community members use computers to carve beautifully intricate designs into pieces of wood. At another, I saw residents of Edgewood Commons learning about opportunities to volunteer and taking surveys so that they could be better served. I saw kids taking dance lessons, eating popcorn, and playing games with their parents.  

Next to the grill was our Rezility station. Throughout the day many residents stopped by to learn more about the free mobile app. 

Rezility Reviews

This was the primary purpose of Community Day: to introduce Rezility to the residents of Edgewood Commons. Rezility is a free mobile app that gives you access to everything in your neighborhood that you need to make life easier and more enjoyable. Regardless of what you need, whether it be financial help, childcare, employment support, a place to live, or are simply looking for positive community news, Rezility is the one unique place that you can find it all. 

The residents of Edgewood Commons loved hearing about Rezility. 52% of residents who attended the event demonstrated an interest in Rezility, whether they downloaded the mobile app or signed up to receive more information.  In fact, 100% of the attendees that actively participated in the event, visiting each station at least once, either downloaded Rezility or asked to learn more.  This was very encouraging for the Rezility team and me to see.  

Beyond qualitative data, the Rezility team received very positive feedback. When Edgewood Commons residents heard about what Rezility could do for them, their ears perked up. Many were excited to hear that they could find almost any type of service that they would need right at their fingertips. Like many of the residents that I spoke to, I believe that Rezility is a tool that can make people’s lives better in very real ways. 

CPDC & Community Impact Strategies

The Edgewood Commons Community Day was only possible because of a wonderful collaboration between Rezility and the Community Impact Strategies (CIS) team of CPDC. CPDC or the Community Preservation and Development Corporation is a non-profit real estate developer that provides high-quality, safe housing to low and moderate-income residents. Through their Community Impact Strategies program, CPDC takes a holistic, highly-effective approach to community development at each one of their properties.

CPDC’s Community Impact Strategies model has five different pillars: Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health and Wellness, and Resident Engagement. Each one of these pillars works together to ensure that CPDC’s properties are vibrant, thriving communities that stand out in their respective neighborhoods. 

This is certainly true at Edgewood Commons. Edgewood Commons is a wonderful community in the Edgewood neighborhood of Northeast Washington that is in the midst of a 5-year redevelopment and renovation process. It was the perfect place to hold a Community Day and the perfect place to begin promoting the Rezility app in Washington, DC. 

CPDC’s Community Impact Strategies team has been a joy to work with, and I certainly enjoyed teaming up with them to put Community Day together. 

Moving Forward

For the Rezility team and me, we believe that the success of the Edgewood Commons Community Day is an indicator of a bright future. At the end of the day, the purpose of Rezility is to help people. Rezility was created to help people connect to the resources that they need, resources that they would not have been able to find or access without a tool like Rezility.  

We hope that we can go beyond Edgewood Commons and introduce Rezility to more and more people, and in doing so, provide them with a tool they can use to improve their lives. 


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