Your use of any website, mobile device app and/or other services (collectively, the “Services”) offered by Enterprise Technology Company  LLC, a Maryland limited liability company d/b/a Rezility (“we” or “us,” as applicable) is subject to these Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) in addition to our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.  If these Guidelines conflict with the Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy, this document shall NOT control the other document(s).

These Guidelines offer a general understanding of how you may enjoy our Services.  The Services are available for you to seek meaningful services that you desire, to connect with other members of your local community who may be using our Services (“Community”) and to share and receive information from people within the Community. Rezility’s mission is to assist you in helping you “ENGAGE. CONNECT. THRIVE.”

We may need to change these Guidelines from time to time and reserve the right to do so. Please check back here periodically to see the latest version of the Guidelines.  IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES IN THEIR ENTIRETY, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE ANY OF THE SERVICES.

 These Guidelines are based on the Golden Rule – treat others as you would want to be treated.  Use of the Services calls for you to exercise good judgment and we reserve the right to limit or suspend people’s access to the Services if we learn about people violating these Guidelines or using poor judgment.  The Services are designed for use by a wide variety of people in your Community.   If you are aware of people that have violated these Guidelines, please let us know.

Here are the “do’s,” “don’ts” and other important rules for using the Services:


What to Do

Respect the content

  • You are responsible for all content you share through the Services. We respect the ownership of the content that users of the Services (“Users”) share and you must do the same.

Keep the content clean

  • Our community is comprised of people of all ages, so please keep this in mind when uploading, posting and sharing content to the Community.
  • Be true and kind in what you say about others. Only speak for the purpose of helping and encouraging your neighbors and community.
  • If we are made aware of a claim that a post violates someone’s legal rights or we believe to be offensive, we reserve the right to remove the post.

Connect and share with your neighbors!

  • Use the Services to share information, opportunities or opinions with your neighbors, but please do so in an appropriate way.
  • Individual Users must use their real name (first name and last name) when creating a User account, posting content via the Services or responding to content posted by others in the Community.
  • You may offer your services in accordance with these Guidelines, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and all applicable laws. You may describe the services you offer as part of your account profile. For example, if you are a dog walker or a dog sitter.
  • You may post comments regarding local political issues affecting the Community, if such comments do not violate these Guidelines.

Do: Community Business

  • Rezility believes that local businesses are an important part of our community and we want our neighbors to sell, buy, and give goods and services to each other in a way that benefits everyone concerned.
  • Recommend services or products based on your actual experience and opinion. If you have a financial interest in what you are recommending, let people know that, too.
  • Without overwhelming your neighbors, let them know if you have a service to offer or something to sell or rent. Let them know where you work and what you do in your profile.
  • Do not comment on competitors of a business in which you have a financial interest.

What Not to Do

Do not upload or post content that is not yours.

  • This includes, but not limited to, other people’s photos, videos, and/or items you’ve copied or collected from around the Internet.

Do not behave inappropriately.

When using the Services, please use common sense and your best judgment before acting. In particular, when using the Services:

  • Don’t be creepy or post nude or profane images.
  • Don’t harass, bully or intimidate other Users in any way.
  • Don’t vent your frustration on us or the Community.
  • Don’t impersonate anyone else, whether they are a user or not. Instead, if they are not a User, invite them to use the Services.
  • Don’t use profanity when using the Services.
  • Don’t spam others or send any fraudulent, phishing or misleading messages.
  • Don’t hijack or dominate conversations or over-post (by repeatedly posting messages or offers (or replies to messages) about the same topic, or about your business or item for sale, in a way that annoys your neighbors).
  • Don’t use the Services to sell, offer to sell or solicit the purchase of any illegal goods or services.
  • Don’t attempt to raise money, other than for local charitable purposes.
  • Don’t use the Services to broadcast your personal views on topics that do not directly relate to the Community.

If you violate these Guidelines, we may remove any or all of your posted content and/or terminate your account access.

Other things to keep in mind

Due to the diversity of the Community, there is a chance you will come across content that you may dislike for some reason or that may offend you. If this is the case we recommend you navigate away from the content. You may bring to our attention any posted content that violates these Guidelines.

Housing Providers

Housing Providers may open a Rezility account to share important information, safety tips, and urgent alerts for their residents. If you choose to connect with your housing provider, you will receive this information.

Report crime and suspicious activity responsibly

  • Call 911 first to report a safety concern.
  • Report suspicious activity, but do not cast suspicion based on race or ethnicity. No racial profiling.

If you have any technical issues or concerns that need immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at If you have any legal or compliance issues or concerns regarding the Services or these Guidelines, please contact us via email at

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