Kimberly Hurt, Special Projects Manager at CHN Housing Partners

July 30, 2018


Access to available resources and information can be the difference concerning a family maintaining stable housing, utilities, accessing nutritious food, or obtaining a job. CHN Housing Partners attempts to help our families navigate these difficulties before they become too overwhelming. When approached by Enterprise to participate in the Rezility pilot, the decision was easy.


Communicating With Our Residents in Meaningful Ways Through Rezility

The app’s goal to help people thrive in their communities by connecting them with available services directly aligns with our aspirations for our clients and residents. Additionally, Rezility offers the ability to communicate with our residents in meaningful ways regarding their tenancy.

Rezility has enabled our Property Management department to improve day-to-day processes concerning inspection notices, rent due date reminders, event notifications, and receipt of maintenance requests. Communication can be sent to all resident users or drilled down to an individual resident, thus saving time, and resources for our staff.

CHN Housing Partners’ portfolio includes multi-family apartments, senior apartments, and single family homes which are scattered throughout The City of Cleveland. Communication is often a challenge because our residents lead busy lives and their schedules do not always coincide with our business hours. Additionally, our scattered site properties present a unique communication barrier because of the physical distance between individual homes and CHN.

A Simple Solution to Communication Challenges

The quick dissemination of information is nearly impossible; we have relied on antiquated forms of communication such as robocalls, traditional mail, and email. Challenges are often presented with these forms of communication because residents regularly change their numbers or emails and we are not readily notified.

Rezility provides a simple solution regarding communication challenges because it is directly installed on one’s smartphone. Communication can still be received by our residents in the event they change their number or no longer check their emails. Push notifications also help immediately alert our residents when we send them a message. Using Rezility, residents can send us a message and have the confidence we have received it and will respond. Conversely, we can have the same confidence our residents have received messaging from us regarding important information and announcements.

Improved Accessibility for Resident Service Requests

The service request feature in Rezility has updated our current service request processes by providing residents and staff with improved information tracking, and accessibility. Prior to Rezility, a resident would complete a written service request form and submit it to their property manager using a drop box. With Rezility, our residents can submit a service request without leaving their apartment and attach pictures to detail the damage.

The pictures help save time by allowing the maintenance employee to assess the repair prior to visiting the resident’s apartment and secure the tools needed for the job. To ensure our resident is available we can send a message informing them of the time and date for repairs. Rezility also creates a historical record of repairs and the number of days the service request remained open. This information tracking allows us to assess how long it took to complete a repair and formulate strategies for future process improvement.

A Constantly Evolving Platform

The exciting aspect of piloting Rezility is it continues to evolve. A new feature may be suggested or made available based on current use and user feedback of the app. Our residents have noted the impact of Rezility’s use and provided a positive response. One resident summed up their experience by stating, “Rezility helps consolidate information that would be provided across several apps into one useful location. The information received is informative and useful; it’s not like receiving junk mail.”

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate Rezility to simplify or improve current workflow processes and drive engagement with our residents and clients.


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